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La Boisson DeLaVie



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Minimum purchase is 3 Cartons of 24 cans of La Boisson DeLaVie – “The Drink of Life” an extra strong vitamin drink from Swiss Laboratory.

La Boisson DeLaVie is a unique, powerful functional soft drink. The composition of ingredients supplies the body with essential nutrients that can boost the immune system and support the healthy functioning of the digestive, respiratory and nervous system. Herbal extracts from these three health nourishing alpine plants making this drink even more special. Read more about La Boisson DeLaVie.

Product Description

Bruttó 72 AUD/package

– 24 pieces of La Boisson DeLaVie
– The B3 B5 B6, C, E B7 B9 B12
– Passion fruit-flavored vitamin drink


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  1. Matt

    I have been taking DeLaVie for 3 weeks now. My energy levels have increased and so has my mood. Thank you Swiss Laboratory. I am very happy

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The benefit of DeLaVie



lt may look like an ordinary soft drink but DeLaVie is so much more – a high dose vitamin complex, combined with beneficial herbal extracts. Have a taste and make it part of your daily nutrition. Who and why do we recommend to drink DeLaVie?



The increased metabolism of athletes requires more vitamins and minerals to keep up the high energy demand. Even the slightest level of malnutrition and deficiency causes exhaustion and prolonged fatigue. More than anything, vitamin B deficiency compromises performance because these vitamins regulate energy and cell regeneration. Athletes need a higher dose of vitamin A, C, and E as well to maintain a healthy level of cell regeneration, especially that of muscle cells.
Bergamot mint is vitalizing the whole body, helping you get over those tough moments when you hit the wall.

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